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Automatically attract quality leads and convert them into customers, clients, or patients…like magic

Here is a sample of what you’ll discover:

How to use webinars to attract a slew of leads...regardless of the business you're in.

How put together a webinar that turns those leads into sales or appointments for you on autopilot.

How to close the sale at the end of your webinar without being salesy. (This includes the three vital questions to answer to develop a killer close.)

Six proven ways you can use webinars to increase yours sales and make more money. (One of the ways is so simple you can use it to create an IMMEDIATE CASH FLOW SURGE!)

The "hidden" secret that makes the difference in whether you crush it or flop. (This is the missing link that separates mediocre webinars from spectacular, "take the money to the bank" results.)

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Get INSTANT access to the FREE
Webinars That Sell crash course.

Michael Rozbruch 

Used your system to a “T” and I sold $420,000 with a webcast in one-day!

Kim Walsh-Phillips

CEO, Powerful Professionals

I ran a webinar last week on my own, then I took Dave's course, put his techniques in place, and did the webinar again. The second time, with a smaller audience, I had double the sales!

Dan Kennedy

Author Of 24 Books On Marketing And Sales

The techniques that Dave Dee exposes and reveals are ones I've personally relied on to make billions for my clients... that I've relied on to sell more than a million dollars of my programs each year. Anyone should pay any price to get trained to use these secrets.  

Get INSTANT access to the FREE
Webinars That Sell crash course.